Camp Century: below the ice 

On July 2, 1966, drillers at Camp Century penetrated the Greenland Ice Sheet for the first time and kept going. As the Cold War raged, they collected more than 3 meters of frozen soil from beneath the ice sheet. Almost 60 years later, dozens of scientists from the United States and Europe are now analyzing that frozen soil using techniques unavailable and unimaginable in the 1960s. We are deciphering the history preserved in this unique archive of long-vanished landscapes and climates of the past. This work informs our collective future as the Earth warms and the Greenland Ice Sheet melts.

Recent News Coverage

CNN  JUNE 20, 2023

Long-lost Greenland ice core suggests potential for disastrous sea level rise

by Laura Paddison, CNN

Where ice cores hold the key to Earth’s climate past and future.

The Camp Century Ice and Sediment Core 57 years later - Special Issue - Climate of the Past and The Cryosphere, Copernicus 

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